Water Recycle Plant

Water Recycle Plant involves a process that removes contaminants and facilitates reclaimed water of suitable quality for other purpose reuse.

Water is a natural resource but only 10% of water is used for domestic and industrial use. This quantity is very limited and hence we need to recycle water wherever it is possible. Some industries like food, paper, petroleum, textile, and leather require huge amounts of water for their manufacturing processes. Water is a major cost to them as it is not available in abundance everywhere except at sea or ocean but that water is not suitable for industrial purposes. Hence it becomes indispensable for these industries to recycle this water and reuse the same for manufacturing or some other non-industrial usage which can save on water demand.

We at Sun Enviro Pvt Ltd. help such industries to recycle this vital component for their manufacturing process and reuse the same. For water recycling industries can opt for Reverse osmosis and Ultrafiltration processes.

Input to the Ultrafiltration plant comes from the raw water feed tank which comes as output from Reverse osmosis. Water treated under an ultrafiltration process has consistent quality and it also reduces the downtime of RO plan which ultimately make it a trouble-free operation and easy to manage.

Our team has designed and delivered water recycling plants for food, textile and many other chemical industries upto flow capacity of “**” (unit) and these plants are delivering consistent output for years with 99%efficiency. If you are any such an industry that consumes huge amounts of water or you have concerns about water preservation then contact our team to know better options for water recycling solutions.

Advantages of Water Recycle:

  1. Water is a basic necessity of life on earth including fauna and flora, hence it's

self-explanatory why water recycling is advantageous.

  1. Water recycling saves the cost of water which is used for other non-industrial

usage. If water is passed through the ultrafiltration process then the same water can also be used for industrial processes.

  1. Water recycling helps conserve water.

How do we do?

The technical team at Sun Enviro Pvt. Ltd studies the chemical nature of the effluent

and studies the possibility of regaining pure water with the required pH. Subject to chemical composition Water recycling plants based on Reverse Osmosis and Ultrafiltration is designed to achieve the desired result.