Sun Enviro Technologies Pvt Ltd Celebrates World Environment Day with Innovative Initiatives from June 1, 2023, to June 5, 2023

Sun Enviro Technologies Pvt Ltd, a prominent provider of sustainable environmental solutions, celebrated World Environment Day with a series of innovative initiatives from June 1 to June 5, 2023. The company organized various events aimed at raising awareness about environmental conservation and promoting sustainable practices. The following is a detailed description of the program that took place on June 5, 2023.

On June 5, Sun Enviro Technologies Pvt Ltd hosted a special event in honor of World Environment Day. The event took place at their office premises in Nagpur and was attended by esteemed guests, employees, and members of the community. Mrs. Vidhita W. Gadre served as the host for the event.

The highlight of the event was the presence of Mr. Rutudhwaj Deshpande, a renowned environmentalist widely known as Baba Deshpande. Baba Deshpande has personally planted over 10,000 trees and has been instrumental in tree protection and conservation efforts. He shared his experiences and insights during the event, inspiring the audience with his dedication to the environment.

Joining Baba Deshpande on stage were Mr. Sandeep Deshpande, Director of Sanvi Garden Nursery, Nagpur, and Dr. Tushar Zade. These experts in the field of environmental conservation contributed to the event program through their keynote speeches and presentations on various environmental initiatives.

During the event, Sun Enviro Technologies Pvt Ltd conferred the “Green Guardian of Nagpur” award to Mr. Rutudhwaj Deshpande in recognition of his remarkable contributions to environmental conservation. The Director of Sun Enviro Technologies Pvt Ltd, Mr. Utkarsh Khopkar, presented the award to Baba Deshpande, acknowledging his significant achievements.

To add to the celebratory atmosphere, cultural performances featuring Hitendra Dhargave playing the Banjo were organized. These performances captivated the audience and highlighted the importance of preserving our environment through artistic expression.

As part of the event, Sun Enviro Technologies Pvt Ltd also introduced a Green Pledge for World Environment Day 2023, titled “Mission LiFE – Embracing an Eco-friendly Lifestyle.” This 10-point pledge, drafted by Mr. Unmil Khopkar, outlined principles for embracing sustainable practices in daily life. All guests and employees present at the event committed to upholding these principles, symbolizing their dedication to creating a greener future.

To conclude the event, Mr. Vishnu Sonawane delivered a vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to all the participants, guests, and sponsors who made the event a success.

Throughout the World Environment Day celebrations, Sun Enviro Technologies Pvt Ltd demonstrated its unwavering commitment to promoting a greener and more sustainable future. By organizing a comprehensive program and involving individuals, communities, and businesses, the company aimed to inspire everyone to prioritize environmental conservation and adopt responsible actions.

Sun Enviro Technologies Pvt Ltd is a leading provider of sustainable environmental solutions, focusing on waste management, renewable energy, and resource conservation. The company offers innovative technologies and services to businesses and communities, assisting them in achieving their environmental goals. Their active participation in World Environment Day demonstrates their dedication to creating a better world for future generations.

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