Anaerobic Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor

An Anaerobic Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR) is commonly used to treat organic-rich waste water like agricultural or municipal waste.

Is your industrial effluent homogeneous in nature and do you also need biohydrogen? Anaerobic CSTR is the best method to achieve two parameters with one solution. With Anaerobic CSTR you will be able to produce biohydrogen as well as make your effluent free of BOD, COD, and TSS before releasing it into municipal wastewater treatment plants.

Why CSTR? This is a low-cost solution wherein we need an agitator and a culture of microbes which take care of the entire process.


  1. Temperature control is not a problem.
  2. In a Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor effluent mixture behavior is well understood,

including mixing, reaction calorimetry, dosing options and chemical kinetics.

  1. Constructing CSTR is less expensive and easier than dedicated specialty flow systems.

How do we do?

Our team studies the nature of effluent and the contaminants in it, and based on the report we propose the plan and design of the reactor within the budget of the client. While clients allow our team to access their manufacturing process and study the effluent samples, we are ready with a sustainable solution.

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